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New Endeavors Update + Juniper Heights home feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Good afternoon, friends! While the end of the year is quickly approaching and the pre-Christmas slower season of real estate season is upon us, I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch the website up on some current projects, announce an exciting new endeavor, and highlight a few of my favorite homes over the next few weeks.

While photography started out as a hobby of mine over 10 years ago, I've FINALLY taken the leap and registered it as an official business. I will be hanging up my real estate and property management license in the new year, and fully investing my time and energy into my new business, Katelyn Faulkner Photography. I'm excited to continue the relationships I built in the real estate industry, while still being part of the real estate world focusing on what I love: taking photos.

With that being said, I'll keep the blog updated as much as possible so you can follow along on what I'm photographing and what will be hitting the real estate market.

One of my favorite areas in Kamloops is Juniper Heights - contrast to the semi arid desert and barren hills, Juniper Heights is surrounded by pine forest and boast some of the best valley views in town. Currently on the market is this gorgeous two story sitting on over a 1/2 acre and views to die for! For more information on this property visit

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